About Us

Welcome to Malleo Watch

Malleo is not just a company, but a brand originating from within the heart of Scandinavia. We have travelled around the world, and have witnessed the popularity and prestige attached to the Scandinavian design which reflects our tradition and core values. Using century-old handcrafting methods and techniques, we have carefully assembled and combined unique materials in our manufacturing process, and are redefining the art of watchmaking to give our customers a timeless experience matched with authentic Scandinavian design. At Malleo, we believe in pleasure after hardwork and comfort with precision. Accuracy,simplicity,creativity and innovation are the principles which unleash our desire to provide beautifully and uniquely created timepieces.

Our vision

Malleo is a wedding of function and appearance. Our watches show you the time, but enriching the moment you look to check it, they magnify your appearance.

Our mission

Our mission is to help to spread Scandinavian Design throughout the world. We do so by creating simple and elegant watches at affordable prices - quality watches - that are beautiful and last the ravages of time.

Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the unique norse mythology. It features a hunter with a hammer in his hand and the prey in front of him. The Hammer symbolizes strength and dominance and the Hunter represents our unique customers. This indeed is a true reflection of the simplicity and greatness associated with our brand.

Our Brand Name

"Malleo" is a Latin word which means Hammer. We are the pioneers of distinctive artistry, simplicity, and precision.

Our Watches

Our bespoke watches are designed with names & meanings inspired from the norse mythology. For every timepiece you buy, there's a card attached explaining its meaning. Malleo watches are equipped with a set of sturdy and dependable easy pins which attach the watch to its band. The pins are retractable, making it easy to change your watch in the nick of time.


Design Malleo

Malleo allows you to model your own unique design in four simple steps.

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