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You’re instinctive, sensual and harmonious - at one doing what you’re meant to do, right this moment. Suddenly eyes glimmer. A smile flows through the depths of your face. There is no distraction. You do your thing.

Woman 36 mm

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Woman 32 mm

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Malleo is a reflection on time and how to use it. Our watches are an investment in quality watchmaking. They deliver a feeling of style and beauty - fulfilling one simple purpose, and that is showing the time.Our women’s watches are crafted of durable engineered mechanics enclosed in robust cases, with sapphire crystal glass (next to diamond in hardness). A simple and elegant Scandinavian design gives Malleo Women’s Watches an aura of purpose and style - making your Malleo a perfect match, at work or at your wedding.


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Malleo allows you to model your own unique design in four simple steps.

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